The second chapter; of beginnings and ends


Exchange is a very strange emotional experience. Even though I may not be an emotional person, I have still felt the ever-changing way my mind processes events and the emotional toll it holds over me.

I came to this realisation about two weeks ago, when the daunting reality that I would have to change host families set in. Over four months I had become a part of the Stevnsborg family, and having to leave it all behind was not easy. When I left home, I knew I would be going back soon, there was no need to be unhappy. However, leaving a host family on exchange means you will not be going back, and this is a tough mental challenge that all students will face at least once on exchange. Even though I will visit the Stevnsborg’s again, it will not be the same, and it is an unfortunate reality. I can not thank them enough for their generosity, kindness and acceptance of me into their home. Tusind tak Lene, Jen, Louise and Daniel for everything.

As the first chapter of my exchange draws to a close, I begin a new one with the Rasmussen family. I can already see the difference in lifestyle between my two families and it is very interesting to have the opportunity to experience this. Life with the Rasmussen’s will be casual busyness, I can’t wait.

As the weather in Denmark has improved immensely, the Danes have come out of hibernation and into the lovely Spring time sun. This has provided me with a lot of chances to go out and enjoy Copenhagen. It would be impossible for me to mention everything I have done over the past weeks but I will highlight some of the most exciting activities below.

On the 14th of April, we celebrated Gorm’s 50th birthday (tillykke med fødselsdag!) by having a hygge dinner with the whole family. It was great being able to spend the day with my extended host family. I also had dinner with my third host family, the Damvig family.

Jan and Lene took me to possibly the most bogan place in all of Denmark, a tractor pulling event in the countryside of Zealand. The premise of the event was tractors pulling a weight over a certain distance. With tractor smoke, Danish pølser and a lot of beer, it was one place I will not forget.

As reward for my påske gækkebrev, Ninette and Stig took me to see Avengers Infinity War. As a dedicated Marvel fan, it was a fantastic movie and getting to see it on the release day was extra special.

Around Copenhagen in the spring the cherry blossom trees bloom, and a sakura festival is held in a park where 200 cherry blossom trees stand. Macy and I went to visit the festival, eating sushi and taking plenty of pictures with the pretty scenery.

My 16th birthday was on the 3rd of May, so I was able to celebrate by having dinner with my three host families and Ninette and Stig. We had dinner together and I was able to experience the Danish birthday song once more. I find this song very amusing as you select three instruments and pretend to play them at different times in the song. The day after, Matthew and my exchange friends had set up a small picnic in Botanisk Have before we went on a Rotary sailing trip with my district. It was a lovely way to spend the morning, and sailing was most enjoyable. The water was calm and although my steering is yet to be perfected, my team with the help of our skipper Laurits  had a lovely time.

Macy and I were very excited when we found Copenhagen held an annual Comic-Con, and we had a great time experiencing the nerdier and geekier side of Denmark. We heard from Pilou Asbæk, a well-known Danish actor who most recently plays a character in Game of Thrones. He had a typical Danish sense of humour, therefore was very entertaining.
As a last family activity before I moved, the Stevnsborg’s and I visited Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world. Taking a horse and carriage ride to the park, Louise and I went on the rides and played games with Daniel, enjoying the afternoon. Tak for en hyggelig dag Lousie, Daniel, Lene and Jan.

The first day with the Rasmussen’s, we travelled with their family friends to Møns Klimt, a famous beach in Denmark. Similar to Stevns Klimt which I visited at the beginning of the year, the beach has large, white chalk cliffs which make it a pretty sight. The staircase was tiring but it was worth it to see the gorgeous sight.

I am glad to announce I have had a personal victory; my braces were removed last Thursday! I am now happily braces free, enjoying the ease and comfort of life without them.

Tomorrow I leave for Eurotour, an exciting experience that has been long awaited among all exchange students in Denmark. 18 days of non-stop discovery, cultural immersion and fun, it will be some of the best weeks of my exchange for sure.

Venlig hilsen,

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